Hydroponic Longboarding presents SERGIO SEBASTIÀ: PIÑA COLADA

Hydroponic Ambassador and Ridersfly head honcho Sergio Sebastià is ready to enjoy the Summertime with his favourite Hydroponic Summer shirt, the Vernon. Sergio must like pineapples because he looks really happy while DHing around his local roads of Castelló with the selfie stick. Hydroponic Longboarding - Spring/…

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Hydroponic Longboarding - Spring/ Summer 2018

​This is a new Season of Longboards and Cruisers at the Hydroponic camp, filled with a variety of shapes and set ups that will make everyone happy whatever your choices are. Surf Skates are the hot item right now, since their popularity keeps rising day after day thanks to…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding: Fran Martinez - LOST & FOUND

At 25 years old, Hydroponic skater Fran Martinez is at the top of his game these days. Fran has been skating like a beast for the last months, and he has been going out filming with his friend and filmer Sergio Guzmán, with whom he is currently filming a long…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding - Spring/ Summer 2018

​Hydroponic Skateboarding presents the new SPRING/ SUMMER 2018 Season featuring new decks and returning classics: -Cut Ply: 2 new decks with the Hydro Cut Ply method, consisting in 3 different colored maple veneers perfectly cut and assembled in the bottom of the deck, so the end result is…

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Hydroponic Surf Skates: Life is a Beach

Have you already tried skating a Surf Skate? Bring the best surfing sensations to the hard pavement with the slick turning, tail-floating feeling of the Hydroponic Surf Skates. Featuring the Downing Honeycomb Blue & Green, with a classic cruiser shape, and the Trento Sushi, with a smaller…

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Hydroponic Clothing - Spring/ Summer 2018 Collection

​The end of March means the end of Winter, so there’s one thing you gotta count on: a new Hydroponic Summer Collection is about to drop! Coming from outer space, our buddy the Hydroponic Alien is ready to introduce you to the new apparel line from Hydroponic, where you…

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Hydroponic at the ISPO 2018 Munich

​Hydroponic went back to the Munich ISPO 2018 once again, for the fifth year in a row, to present the new material for the upcoming Summer season, as well as introducing most of the Clothing’s new collection for the next Winter. This time, Hydroponic did not set up the…

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Hydroponic Longboarding: Summer Ripping with Nico Wild

Hydroponic Longboarding rider Nico Wild, a young german guy from the Balearic Islands, is one of the most tech riders around, combining speed, slides and tricks like Fs Flips or Varial Flips. Mallorca is one of the best kept secrets in the longboard scene, and more and more…

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Hydroponic Longboarding - Fall/ Winter 17 Collection

​Here we are again! Hydroponic Longboards are back in town for the Winter season filled with new decks and returning classics! The Fall/ Winter 2017 Season line up is divided in different categories. The Downhill scene is represented by some HY Classics, such as the Sherpa 2.0, the Seiki…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding: Caribu DIY BBQ

Hydroponic skaters Fran Martinez, Edu Martin, Roman Lishchinskyy, Sufi Dahbi and young Kevin Lopez got together with filmer Fran Salazar and photographer Helena Pintor at the Caribu DIY in Mataró (Barcelona) during early November. The Do It Yourself spot has been going on for nearly a year, and it’s…

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