Hydroponic at the ISPO 2018 Munich

IMG_7426.JPG hydro_ispo_18_1.jpg hydro_jq_and_alex_lenz_ispo_18.jpg

​Hydroponic went back to the Munich ISPO 2018 once again, for the fifth year in a row, to present the new material for the upcoming Summer season, as well as introducing most of the Clothing’s new collection for the next Winter.

This time, Hydroponic did not set up the famous Barcelona bar, as we did the last couple of years, but instead set up a small booth inside the Longboard Embassy’s area. In the Embassy zone, organized by Alex Lenz and his Ministry of Stoke crew, Hydroponic shared a the floor with longboard brands from all over the world: Loaded, Triple 8, Bolzen, Madrid, Seismic and many more who come year after year and show their love for the longboarding scene, which is in a down moment right now. Hydroponic represented the brand with products from the Longboarding catalogues, as well as from the Skateboarding, Clothing and Buddha Wheels collections.

The ISPO event was a blast: hundreds of visitors and professionals came over during the 4-day show, many conversations were had and lots of good intentions went on each other way.

We can only hope next ISPO will be as good as the last one!