Hydroponic Longboarding - Fall/ Winter 17 Collection

longW17-eng-2.jpg longW17-eng-32.jpg longW17-eng-4.jpg longW17-eng-8.jpg longW17-eng-13.jpg longW17-eng-5.jpg longW17-eng-9.jpg longW17-eng-38.jpg longW17-eng-48.jpg longW17-eng-40.jpg

​Here we are again! Hydroponic Longboards are back in town for the Winter season filled with new decks and returning classics!

The Fall/ Winter 2017 Season line up is divided in different categories. The Downhill scene is represented by some HY Classics, such as the Sherpa 2.0, the Seiki Berni and the Dragon 2.0. New stuff in the house is the Ariki Cuckoo, the twin sister of our long time companion the Ariki Da Vinci, great for tech sliding. These decks will let you feel the joys of the open roads and revel in the speed.

Dancing boards are growing in demand and size, so our Vicky model get a second deck, and we launched the Pixie, a rounder and shorter model.

Get ahead and check out the whole Hydroponic Longboarding Tech Series, there is sure something for you.

But if speed, DHing, slides and tech tricks are not your cup of tea, but you still like to skate your way through life, you are probably in the realm of Skate Cruisers and the Carving Series. We got new models in the Damba family, plus returning classics, big and small, short and long, so be sure to pace around the catalogue and find something you have been looking for.

Get all the details at www.hyclothing.es