Hydroponic Skateboarding: Fran Martinez - LOST & FOUND


At 25 years old, Hydroponic skater Fran Martinez is at the top of his game these days. Fran has been skating like a beast for the last months, and he has been going out filming with his friend and filmer Sergio Guzmán, with whom he is currently filming a long video part.

While we wait for the release of such banging part before the year is over (or so we are told), Fran and Sergio have compiled the best leftover tricks and also some older footage from the last couple of years in ‘LOST & FOUND’, not a proper video part but a Summer appetizer anticipating what’s to come next.

Fran skates with passion, determination, a classy touch and his trademark flow and style that makes him one of the important names in the new Spanish skate scene.