Enrique Giles at the Leioa Skatepark

Hydroponic skater Enrique Giles met filmer Diego Soto last summer when both were at the Leioa Skatepark, in Bizkaia. Skater and filmer soon struck a nice friendship, and immediately decided to hang together for a couple of days and film a quick video. This is the result of their joint…

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Hydroponic Longboarding presents Hydrofriends in KNK

​Hydroponic longboad rider Oleguer Carreras and filmer Castor Perez went back to Slovenia in August 2015 once again to take part in the KNK Longboard Camp, which is coming to its 6th year. Nice camping area with party zone, 4 km of perfect roads, steep tracks and as many as…

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Aleix Gallimo: New Video + LAMONO Interview

​Hydroponic longboard rider Aleix Gallimó had a great Summer ‘15, visiting many countries in his already classic EuroTour. Aleix took part in some IDF races like Lillehammer or Teolo, with great results as usual. Once back home with his young little baby Edu, Aleix spent a few minutes answering…

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Hydroponic Longboarding: Oleguer Carreras - Wheels Shine Again

Hydroponic longboard rider Oleguer Carreras is getting ready for KNK Camp during the 2015 Summer. Before leaving on his Euro Tour, Oleguer took his Hydroponic Tao Zoltar board and made a nice little video along his friend and filmer Castor Perez. Dimensions: 34 x 9,85 inches width,with an adjustable…

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Hydroponic X Smoking - ViñaRock 2015

Hydroponic and Smoking Paper keep on pushing with their collaboration once again, where everything started, at the ViñaRock Music Festival 2015! Hydroponic skaters Fran Martinez, Enrique Giles, Erik Garcia and Ivan Navarro repeated their 2014 trip to Villarrobledo (Albacete) to skate the Rustik Soul miniramp…

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Aleix Gallimó - El Soplao 2015 Raw Run

During the 1st of May 2015 weekend Aleix Gallimó and the Hydroponic longboard riders Alfred Cano ‘Bipo’, Adrià Arquimbau and Oleguer Carreras went to the fisrt edition of the El Soplao Freeride, organized by Miller Division in Cantabria (Spain). This was a big event where the team could skate non…

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Hydroponic Longboarding: Oleguer Carreras - Titaguas 2015

Para terminar la semana Santa, Oleguer Carreras y Càstor Pérez (rider y filmer) condujeron 4 horas dirección Titaguas (Valencia) para asistir al TitaWeekend 2015, un freeride con mucha fiesta. La organización por parte de Nat Bigmama y Longboard Valencia fue muy buena, Mandarinwalls se encargo del material audiovisual…

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Hydroponic Tarp Surfing - Movistar Surfcity Festival

​El Sábado 14 de Marzo de 2015 se celebró el MOVISTAR SURFCITY FESTIVAL en la Plaça dels Àngels de Barcelona, un curioso evento que aúna surf y ciudad y presenta múltiples acontecimientos en un único día de diversión total. Música, presentaciones de vídeos y libros, conferencias, expo de arte con…

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Hydroponic Skate Team presents Weekend Sessions

​El equipo de skate de Hydroponic, compuesto por los skaters Fran Martinez, Enrique Giles, Erik Garcia, Ivan Navarro y los dos ‘rookies’ Victor Jawneh y Edu Martin, nos presenta un nuevo vídeo llamado ‘Weekend Sessions’. Los skaters de Barcelona quedaron durante tres fines de semana con el filmer de…

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