Hydroponic Longboarding: Downhill Time 2015

2015 was a year full of downhill riding. Hydroponic riders Aleix Gallimó, Alfred Cano ‘Bipo’, Oleguer Carreras and Adrià Arquimbau went to many places far from home, like KNK or IDF races such as Kozakov or Teolo. Hydroponic’s filmer Càstor Pérez has been with them for the whole ride, shooting…

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HYDROPONIC just released a second collaboration skate deck with Barcelona neighbours MONTANA COLORS that comes with a free set of the new Montana Colors Water Based markers. The collab revolved around the theme of Trains. We decided to release a deck featuring a typical Spanish train wagon that can…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding: Enrique Giles in Asturias

Hydroponic skateboarder Enrique Giles recently visited the Spanish community of Asturias, in the north of the country and close to his home, to skate a couple of great spots. Enrique and his friend and filmer David Mediavilla first went to the Church in Llanera, an abandoned place that…

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Happy Holidays from HYDROPONIC!

​At HYDROPONIC we want to thank you once again for being our friend and following and sharing all the good things every year brings us. We hope we can keep on enjoying life by your side, and hope to see and hear from you the next year 2016, so…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding presents Team Day at Free BCN

The Hydroponic Skate Team visited Free BCN shop a couple of weeks ago to skate their super fun indoor mini ramp downstairs. Fran Martinez, Erik Garcia, Edu Martin, Roman Lischinskyy and Ambassador Sergi Arenas enjoyed the Saturday morning going back to the mini ramp basics. Thansk again…

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Hydroponic Skateboarding Collection FW15

La nueva colección de skates Hydroponic llega de cara al Invierno con más diseños espectaculares, nuevas propuestas técnicas y una colaboración de lujo que nos va a ayudar a pasar los meses más fríos del año patinando. HOLE - FIBERGLASS: Esta temporada Hydroponic presenta una nueva tabla evolucionada para…

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Hydroponic & Lien Mataró Skate Day

La tienda Lien de Mataró (Barcelona), regentada por Dani y Arianne, lleva casi 15 años apoyando el skate de la ciudad y ofreciendo una cuidada selección de material duro, zapas y todo lo que haga falta para ir como un pincel. Tanto en los momentos buenos como en los malos,…

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