Hydroponic Skateboarding presents Erik Garcia 2015 TEASER

Erik Garcia presents a quick Teaser of his new video part, which will be released during the last week of September 2015. In the clip, Erik shreds the MACBA side 5 stairs during a quick session along some of his friends until his board is literally destroyed. Visit…

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Enrique Giles at the Leioa Skatepark

Hydroponic skater Enrique Giles met filmer Diego Soto last summer when both were at the Leioa Skatepark, in Bizkaia. Skater and filmer soon struck a nice friendship, and immediately decided to hang together for a couple of days and film a quick video. This is the result of their joint…

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Hydroponic Longboarding presents Hydrofriends in KNK

​Hydroponic longboad rider Oleguer Carreras and filmer Castor Perez went back to Slovenia in August 2015 once again to take part in the KNK Longboard Camp, which is coming to its 6th year. Nice camping area with party zone, 4 km of perfect roads, steep tracks and as many as…

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Aleix Gallimo: New Video + LAMONO Interview

​Hydroponic longboard rider Aleix Gallimó had a great Summer ‘15, visiting many countries in his already classic EuroTour. Aleix took part in some IDF races like Lillehammer or Teolo, with great results as usual. Once back home with his young little baby Edu, Aleix spent a few minutes answering…

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Hydroponic Longboarding: Oleguer Carreras - Wheels Shine Again

Hydroponic longboard rider Oleguer Carreras is getting ready for KNK Camp during the 2015 Summer. Before leaving on his Euro Tour, Oleguer took his Hydroponic Tao Zoltar board and made a nice little video along his friend and filmer Castor Perez. Dimensions: 34 x 9,85 inches width,with an adjustable…

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Aleix Gallimó & Adrià Arquimbau - Kozákov 2015

6º año de la Kozakov Challenge en la República Checa. Un circuito rápido con curvas desafiantes y tramos veloces y estrechos, en un evento ya clásico en la IDF. Los riders de Hydroponic Aleix Gallimó y Adrià Arquimbau están presentes en esta edición, ya que se encuentran en…

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Salzadella WQS 2015 Review

Aquí tenemos una breve crónica de todo lo que pasó en Salzadella (Castellón) durante la última prueba del WQS. Gracias a los amigos de IDF por su trabajo. Dia 1 Nos encontramos en España para una nueva carrera de WQS en La Salzadella (Castellón), que da la salida…

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Aleix Gallimó - 3rd Place at Lilyhammer 2015

El rider de longboard de Hydroponic Aleix Gallimó se fué a Lilyhammer (Noruega) el pasado fin de semana del 10 de Julio de 2015 para participar en otra carrera de la IDF, una semana después de quedar en el Top 5 en la Salzadella WQS. Los amigos de la…

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