DAMBA Cut Ply YGB Deck


64,80 €


YGB Cut Ply




The Hydroponic DAMBA YELLOW GREEN BROWN CUT PLY has been manufactured with 6 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/cm², plus 1 additional fiberglass ply between the 5th and 6th plies to avoid delamination and reinforce its core structure. The DAMBA YELLOW GREEN BROWN CUT PLY features 3 different color plies on the bottom, perfectly cut and pressed directly on the mold, making it one of the nicest, most colourfully crafted skate decks around.

Old School Skate Cruiser featuring a 70’s shape and inspired by surfing, with little concave and flat nose. Short board able to roll over any kind of hard terrain. Great set up to perform close turns and breaks
thanks to a short Wheel Base, which makes avoiding street obstacles something easy and fun.

Short tail allows to pop ollies and do flatground tricks or just go up street curbs

Size: 27,5’’ x 8,25’‘