DT KICK 3.0 Pirate Deck


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Drop-Through symmetric deck designed for Freestyle, Freeride and Slides.

Dimensions: 39,25x8,75 inches

The Hydroponic DT 3.0 PIRATE has been manufactured with 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/ cm², plus 1 additional Fiberglass ply between the 6th
and 7th plies, to avoid delamination and reinforce its core structure.

Mild and progressive concave, providing good feet placement without being too deep to control during Freeride and Sliding sessions.

Elevated Tail and Nose Kicks, perfect to steer the deck and pop some tricks.

Drop-Through/ Top-Mount: Trucks can be mounted in Drop-Through position to provide good sliding control, while at the same time can be Top-Mounted, which reduces sliding power but improves traction, allowing higher speed during curves.