SHERPA 2.0 Deck


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Top-Mount deck featuring directional shape and stiff construction designed for Freeride and Downhill.

Dimensions: 38,3 x 9,53 inches width. Adjustable Wheel Base between 22,17 and 30,67 inches.

The Hydroponic Sherpa 2.0 has been manufactured with 8 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, plus 1 additional Fiberglass ply to avoid delamination and
reinforce its core structure.

2 different concaves in a single deck:

*U concave on the front, very steep on the edges, so your feet can be locked in when riding downhill at high speed and your balance is improved.

*W concave at the back, mellow and progressive, so the arch of your rear foot can be comfortably placed and your toeside sliding skills can be improved without being too intrusive during Freeride sessions.

Deep Wheel Pockets on the shape of the deck and on the bottom, so there are no dangerous wheel bites while turning and carving. The Wheel Pockets are helpful when you lock in your stance, so you do not need the help of a foot stop.

Tail: The Hydroponic Sherpa 2.0 features a regular skateboard 5 inches tail, which gives the rider the chance to pop tricks like Ollies.

Adjustable Wheel Base between 22,17 and 30,67 inches, designed to allow different truck setup combinations that make this a versatile board: a shorter WB will offer more traction and reaction, while a longer WB will be more balanced and solid but not so reactive. Each rider can choose a different setup.