SOUTHERN DUAL Rustic Blue/ Sand


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Rustic Blue/ Sand


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The HYDROPONIC SOUTHERN are the perfect Summer companion for your trips to the beach, getaways to the pool or rendez-vous at the local waterhole.

Hydroponic expands their shoe family with another classic release, the HYDROPONIC SOUTHERN, a lightweight sneaker that’s made for the Summertime! The HYDROPONIC SOUTHERN sneakers are the simple yet classy all-time low-rise sport shoes. They feature a fresh combination of top fabrics, like canvas or twill, either printed or with flat, dual colors, that come along a slim and stylish rubber sole that protects your feet from the summer heat and sweat and gives you good traction. *Classic all-time low-rise sport shoes suitable for Summertime. *Canvas fabrics in worn out effect and dual color. *Comfortable Faux-leather insoles. *Slim and Stylish Soft Rubber cup soles. *Two different Hydroponic Southern models in 6 styles